E. Chichicastenango

Post Date: March 14th, 2020

E. Chichicastenango



Color: White.

Size: Large.

Epiphyllum Species CRENATUM variant ‘CHICHICASTENANGO’ is a variant of a species of E. Crenatum with very unusual one sided lobed growth and opposite stems are devoid of lobes. Very unusual, day bloomer, large to extra large blooms. ‘Chichicastenango’ is a variant discovered in Guatemala with abnormally few and distorted stem-lobes. Some stem branches can have equal lobes on both sides, but others may not, with one side of the stem lobed only and opposite stem edge having a straight stem edge on some stems. Faster grower depending on conditions, great bloomer!

NOTES:  Since this is a variant of Epiphyllum crenatum, it’s also mildly fragrant. Strong grower and a reliable bloomer. For a species it blooms early Feb. to June northern hemisphere when most hybrids are also in bloom – spring. Easy to grow and roots very easy!

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Epi Cutting, Epi Plant, Gallon Plant, Rooted Cutting

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