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San Diego Epiphyllums aka Orchid Cacti

We WELCOME you to come VISIT our SAN DIEGO nursery YEAR ROUND.

Please call 619-987-6251
or email katie@garden-jewels.com
for time, date and address.



Mail Orders are now Open.

Please order when night temperatures are 36*F. or above.

WE do not want your epi orders to freeze when shipped.
96 Hours UniHeat Mega Shipping Warmers are available for $10
each; should you want to take the risk.



Unlimited $10 shipping on Epiphyllums

Shop to your heart’s content and pay just one low shipping price for all your epis.


Epi Cuttings
(5 to 9 inches, $19)

Should bloom in 3 years


Rooted Cuttings
Have New Plant Growth
(Shipped bareroot.  $29)

Should bloom within 2.5 years


Epi Plants
(shipped bareroot. $39)

Should bloom in 1.5 to 2 years


Large Epi Plants
(Shipped bareroot.  $49)

Should bloom within 1 year


Mature Potted Blooming Epi plants are available at our San Diego Nursery.  

Sorry, but we do not ship mature plants.


Call or email to set up a visit!

Epiphyllum Growers & Sellers in San Diego, CA
Call:    (619) 987-6251


Garden Jewels Nursery is San Diego's primary resource for Epiphyllums, or Epi- Hybrids & Species,
Oxypetalum, Orchid Cactus, Jungle Cactus, Hookeri, E. Crenatum and Semi Shade Plants.