The cuttings I ordered were simply the best. They were generously long, thick, and healthy. Additionally, they had been named and dated, as well as inspected by the Dept. of Agriculture. You have the most beautiful plants. I'll be back!!   Jean-Pierre
Love the Epi plants.  They are in abundance.  Thanks for introducing me to these wonderful varieties. P. Skall
I really love the two beautiful plumerias that grace the entry to my yard.  I'm especially delighted right now to watch the plants "wake up" and I know I will have lovely blooms before I know it.  Helen Brown
I have known Cherie and Katie for years, and have had wonderful success with all of the plants that I have gotten from them.  I live in the Northwest and my climate is different than in California, but they select the plants that will live indoors during our winter months and then I have them in pots outside on my patio in summer.  It has been wonderful working with them.  After seeing my plants, several of my friends are now buying from them. Jeanne
I have known Katie and Cherie for years and have had the pleasure of speaking with them about their plant business.  Because I am a plant person I was very excited to know that I could buy wonderful and unique Epiphyllums among other various plants, and I have been buying plants from them for several years.

They not only know about their plants, and culture, and how to best care for them, but have some of the most beautiful and healthy plants not found in any nurseries or plant stores that I have ever been to…and I have been to A LOT!

I love the unique non-epi plants that only Katie seems to find and will be selling for great prices found on their Web Site under SPECIALS.  Quality plants, Great customer service, and nothing but positive comments about my plants and garden, thanks to Katie and Cherie. Craig
I have known Katie and Cherie for many years and have had the pleasure of visiting with them in their lovely gardens many times.  The time spent is not only both visually and aromatically stimulating, I also learn so much about keeping my purchased plants healthy. Katie is so knowledgeable and she loves to share her expertise with anyone who wants to be a proud and successful owner of her plants.  Now they are putting that same enthusiasm into their new website.  You can trust your online purchases will be top quality that you will enjoy for many years.  Drake
I have been very pleased with the plants that I purchased from Katie and Cherie at Garden Jewels. They are a small business and grow all their plants locally. The plants are unique and have even survived my clumsy care – a true sign of their vigor and health! I really appreciated their help and friendly advice on how to care for them. This included preferred soils, sun exposure, watering, fertilizing and the things to avoid as well. While my plants didn’t get everything they might want, they still do very nicely. I heartily recommend Garden Jewels to anyone looking for the vigorous and interesting plants that they carry.  Jud Greer
Spectacular!  Bright!  Lavish!  Brilliant!  It was only last year that we were introduced to Garden Jewels Nursery!  What a “gem” of a find.  My husband has known Katie and Cherie since he was a little boy.  Now, our entire family has had the pleasure of meeting them.  Spreading the word about this wonderful garden is easy.  The setting is beautiful, peaceful, and timeless.  Thank you for your help, ladies.  We will be back!   Kelly Price Noble
Garden Jewels Nursery is San Diego's primary resource for Epiphyllums, or Epi- Hybrids & Species,
Oxypetalum, Orchid Cactus, Jungle Cactus, Hookeri, E. Crenatum and Semi Shade Plants.