Katie Hanna Lutz Cheryl Haimsohn

We are native San Diegans who grew up and still live in the Point Loma area. Cherie’s love of plants and gardening comes from her mother. Katie’s passion comes from both of her parents. Aaron Miller, Katie’s Great Grandfather, lived in Walla Walla Valley where he set up a nursery in Milton. In the late 1800s his business was the largest nursery west of the Mississippi. His son George Washington Miller worked the nursery as well and fathered Gerita Lucile Miller Hanna, Katie’s Mom. Katie’s Dad loved gardening. Dr. Curtis M. Hanna spent his leisure hours basking in the beauty of his hillside yard overlooking the gorgeous San Diego Bay. Curtis’s father, Edward Hanna, lived his final years 80s and 90s at the Hanna home. His regular daily routine always began with an hour or two keeping the garden beautiful. Ed always had fruit trees and vegetation at his homes as well. Katie’s father loved to spend time in his yard at the end of the day. He would care for his plants as Katie watched, listened and learned.

Our yard is filled with wild life all year.  As the seasons change, so do the smells, colors and the wild life that inhabits our nurseries.

Early morning while the moisture from the night is dripping off the plants and the sun is just beginning to sparkle from the petals, leafs and flowers is Cherie’s favorite time. You’ll find Katie soaking in the hot Jacuzzi bubbles gazing at the lush garden hillside while surrounded by beautiful cymbidiums with the pink and blue sky overhead as evening caresses another incredible day in the garden.

We have traveled all over the world and each garden, whether in a park or someone’s yard brings its own special happiness for everyone to enjoy. We will continue to travel near and far and the memory of the colors, smells and diversity will forever be part of us, whether in our mind or as captured in our many photographs.

We really enjoy growing a diversity of plants, so it would be difficult to pick only one plant to have in our yard.

We believe that your garden should be a place that gives you peace, tranquility, harmony and a time to be away from the hustle and bustle of daily lives.

If you agree, please CONTACT us.  We will share our secrets to help make your Dream-Garden come true!

Garden Jewels Nursery is San Diego's primary resource for Epiphyllums, or Epi- Hybrids & Species,
Oxypetalum, Orchid Cactus, Jungle Cactus, Hookeri, E. Crenatum and Semi Shade Plants.