Epi Rooted Cuttings

All cuttings have new growth

Should bloom in 2.5 to 3 years – Stage 2

All cuttings are $14 each


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We are unable to ship Rooted Cuttings internationally.

$14 each / shipped bare root.


Ackermannii Hybridus Ackermannii Hybridus

Airy Feathers Airy Feathers

​Not Available
https://gardenjewelsnursery.com/alpha/alpha-a/alcide/ Alcide

Not Available
Amber Queen Amber Queen

Not Available
Ambrosia Ambrosia

​Not Available
American Dream American Dream

Anaconda Anaconda

Not Available
Andromeda Andromeda

Not Available
Apache Magic Apache Magic

Apache Trail Apache Trail

Appassionata Appassionata

Aquarius Aquarius

Argus Argus

Arctic Land Arctic Land

Autumn Brightness Autumn Brightness

Not Available
Autumn Pink Autumn Pink

Autumn Shadows Autumn Shadows

Bagdad Bagdad

Bali Hai Bali Hai

Bamba Bamba

Not Available
Barbie Doll Barbie Doll

Bayou Belle Bayou Belle

Not Available
Ber-Tee Ber-Tee

Bertha Talbot Loose Bertha Talbot Loose

Black Out Black Out

Not Available
Blackamore Blackamore

Bliss Bliss

Bolero Bolero

Bold Venture Bold Venture

Not Available
Bonnie Brae Bonnie Brae

Borgia Borgia

Bridesmaid Bridesmaid

Not Available
Bridal Veil Bridal Veil

Brown Bear Brown Bear

Bumpkin Bumpkin

Not Available
Butterfly Love Butterfly Love

Not Available
Cabo San Lucas Cabo San Lucas

Cadet Cadet

Calisto Calisto

Not Available
Camillo Schneider Camillo Schneider

Candy Man Candy Man

Not Available
Cannon Ball Cannon Ball

Not Available
Carnival Carnival

Carolyn Haupt Carolyn Haupt

Not Available
Cattleya Cattleya

https://gardenjewelsnursery.com/alpha/alpha-ca/cherry-parfait/ Cherry Parfait

Clown Clown

Connie Mayer Connie Mayer


Conways Giant Conway's Giant

Coral Dance Coral Dance

​Not Available
Crown Jewel Crown Jewel

Cuban Carnival Cuban Carnival

Daniel Daniel

Not Available
Dark Accent Dark Accent

Dark Passion Dark Passion

Not Available
Desert Sunrise Desert Sunrise

Desert Sunset Desert Sunset

Devotion Devotion

Diana Inglese Diana Inglese

Not Available
Dolly Madison Dolly Madison

Not Available
Dr. John T Cox Dr. John T Cox

Not Available
Dr. Wedermann Dr. Werdermann

Not Available
Dracula Dracula

Not Available
E. Crenate E. Crenate

E. Strickum aka Hookeri E. Strickum aka Hookeri

Not Available
Easter Morn Easter Morn

Not Available
Educator Educator

El Mira Paetz Elmira Paetz

Emmett Kelly Emmett Kelly

Evening Delight Evening Delight

Exotica Exotica

Exuberant Exuberant

Field of Dreams Field of Dreams

First Prom First Prom

Not Available
Flaming Gorge Flaming Gorge

​Not Available
Florence Florence

Not Available
Forrest Forrest

Foxy Lady Foxy Lady

Not Available
French Dynasty French Dynasty

Not Available
French Gold French Gold

Gamut Gamut

Not Available
Glamour Glamour

Gloria Gloria

Not Available
Gold Medal Gold Medal

Not Available
Golden Jubilee Golden Jubilee

Golden Octopus Golden Octopus

Not Available
Golden Prince Golden Prince

Grace Ann Grace Ann

​Not Available
Grand Prize Grand Prize

Gramercy Gramercy

Guiding Star Guiding Star

Gypsy Doodle Gypsy Doodle

Not Available
Gypsy Jewels Gypsy Jewels

Not Available
Harold Knebel Harold Knebel

Hawaii Hawaii

Heat Wave Heat Wave

Hocus Pocus Hocus Pocus

Honey Belle Honey Belle

Inca Inca

Not Available
Impossible Dream Impossible Dream

Not Available
IO's Fire IO’s Fire

Ivan the Terrible Ivan the Terrible

Not Available
Jack Pot Jack Pot

Not Available
Jinx Falkenberg Jinx Falkenberg

Joseph Marshall Joseph Marshall

Jovial Jovial

Joy Edstrom Joy Edstrom

​Not Available
June Salute June Salute

Katrina Katrina

Kaweah Kaweah

Not Available
Kazoo Kazoo

Kimono Kimono

Kirsten Pelleymounter Kirsten Pelleymounter

Not Available
Kohinoor Kohinoor

Not Available
La Paz La Paz

Not Available
Larrys Larrys (unknown hybrid)

Not Available
Lilac Lilac

Lime Light Lime Light

Loma Portal Loma Portal

Not Available
Londoni Londoni

Loretto Loretto

Love Always Love Always

Not Available
Love in Bloom Love in Bloom

Not Available
Love Story Love Story

Not Available
Lulu Lulu

Not Available
Lynne Anne Lynne Anne

Mandarin Mary Mandarin Mary

Marie Josephine Marie Josephine

Not Available
Masada Masada

Not Available
Maui Wowie Maui Wowie

Mecca Mecca

Meditation Meditation

Melrose Melrose

Memorial Day Memorial Day

Not Available
Merlin's Gold Merlin's Gold

Midnight Special Midnight Special

Monastery Gardens Monastery Gardens

Not Available
Moon Goddess Moon Goddess

Mrs. Beardsley Mrs. Beardsley

Natasha Flechsig Natasha Flechsig

Neon Smile Neon Smile

Ninja Ninja

Not Available
Nuages Nuages

Not Available
Orange Bowl Orange Bowl

Not Available
Oriental Dancer Oriental Dancer

Overture Overture

Oxypetalum Oxypetalum

​Not Available
Padre Padre

​Not Available
Paradise Paradise

Not Available
Pat Barrett Pat Barrett

Paula Knebel Paula Knebel

Not Available
Peach Melba Peach Melba

Pegasus Pegasus

Peggy Williams Peggy Williams

Not Available
Persian Tiger Persian Tiger

Piccolo Piccolo

Picnic Picnic

Prehistoric Prehistoric

Pride of Bell Pride of Bell

Prima Ballerina Prima Ballerina

Princess Kelly S Princess Kelly S

Not Available
Quest for Fire Quest for Fire

Ramblin' Rose Ramblin' Rose

Raspberry Raspberry

Red Barbara Red Barbara

Red Robe Red Robe

Red Velvet Red Velvet

Not Available
Red Willow Red Willow

Reward Reward

Not Available
Rippo Rippo

Roman Holiday Roman Holiday

​Not Available
Romantic Night Romantic Night

Rosalynn Rosalynn

Royal Beauty Royal Beauty

Royal Hawaiian Royal Hawaiian

Not Available
Royal Melody Royal Melody

Royal Robe Royal Robe

Not Available
Royal Rose Royal Rose

Royal Toast Royal Toast

Royal White Royal White

Santa Barbara Santa Barbara

Sargeant Dan Daley Sargeant Dan Daley (unknown hybrid)

Not Available
Sheer Elegance Sheer Elegance

Not Available
Sherman A Beahm Sherman A Beahm

Not Available
Showboat Showboat

Not Available
Siegfried Siegfried

Silence Silence

Not Available
Sky Baby Sky Baby

Not Available
Snow Leopard Snow Leopard

Sparkling Burgundy Sparkling Burgundy

Spring Morn Spring Morn

Springtime Springtime

Stormy Weather Stormy Weather

Striped Beauty Striped Beauty

Sun Flare Sun Flare

Not Available
Susan Lynn Susan Lynn

Not Available
Swedish Sunrise Swedish Sunrise

Sweet Alabi Sweet Alabi

Tangerine Tangerine

Not Available
Tarantella Tarantella

Tarantula Tarantula

Not Available
Tele Star Tel Star

Tele Tele

Tele Ann Tele Ann

Tetsuo Morisako Tetsuo Morisako

Texas Flame Texas Flame

Three Oranges Three Oranges

Not Available
Thunder Cloud Thunder Cloud

Toucan Toucan

Trace of Pink Trace of Pink

Tranquility Tranquility

Trudi Jane Trudi Jane

Unforgettable Unforgettable

Virginia Strong Virginia Strong

Virtuoso Virtuoso

Vivid One Vivid One

Not Available
Welcome Welcome

Werner Englehart Werner Englehart

White Splendor White Splendor

Wilma Marie Wilma Marie

Not Available



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