Our San Diego Garden Jewels Nurseries offer: Cymbidium Orchids, Plumerias, Cacti, Succulents and much more; available by appointment only (not available for mail-order).
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AKA:  Jungle Cactus – Orchid Cactus – Climbing Epis – Hanging Epis – (simply) Epis?

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We sell cuttings from day-blooming epi hybrids in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes along with fragrant night-blooming species that are mostly white or white with pale yellow overcasts. YOU WILL RECEIVE EPIPHYLLUM CUTTINGS WHICH RANGE IN LENGTH FROM SIX TO EIGHT INCHES. We recommend that you PURCHASE TWO OR THREE OF EACH CHOSEN CUTTING  and root them together for more immediate success.  

"Blossom size and style range from one inch to 12 or more inches across, single-petaled, multi-petaled, pointed or rounded petals, and every combination thereof.  Colors, too, cover a spectrum from pure white to creams and green tinges, pinks and roses in all hues, reds, oranges, deep purples, violets and lavenders, pale yellows to deep gold—every combination and shading imaginable."


* Epi BLOSSOM SIZES are classified under Small (2-5”), Medium (5-7”), Large (7-9”), Extra Large (over 9”).  

Epiphyllum Growers & Sellers in San Diego, CA
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Garden Jewels Nursery is San Diego's primary resource for Epiphyllums, or Epi- Hybrids & Species,
Oxypetalum, Orchid Cactus, Jungle Cactus, Hookeri, E. Crenatum and Semi Shade Plants.